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Commodity Marketing

Over the past 50 years, technology has greatly increased agricultural productivity. Unfortunately, the marketing skills of many producers have not kept pace. The truth is, effective marketing is just as important to your profit as production prowess.

Just as you set production targets, you need benchmarks that tell you when to profitably sell crops and livestock and purchase inputs. That’s why at Hurley & Associates each client is assigned a full-time marketing consultant who will work with you to develop an integrated marketing plan based on a clear understanding of your financial goals, production costs, and profitability.

We also have access to a number of expert consultants, many of whom also serve as advisors to multi-national commercial grain and livestock interests. All of these resources are put to work exclusively for our clients, giving you the same competitive marketing edge enjoyed by those who are purchasing your commodities.

Ultimately, no plan is any better than its execution. That’s what makes Hurley & Associates so much more than a “one size fits all” marketing letter. After reviewing your unique situation and devising a plan tailored to your needs, we can pull the trigger on sales—both cash sales and futures—with your written permission. This helps relieve you of the stress of constantly tracking the markets, and it helps remove the emotion from the equation. The end result is added marketing accountability and discipline—two big steps toward improving your bottom line.

We take these key factors into account as we develop a commodity marketing plan that fits your particular operation:

Risk Assessment
Since every producer has a different level of risk tolerance, we spend the time to thoroughly get to know you and understand the specifics of your operation.

Your risk-bearing ability is affected by historical profit margins, equity positions, production risks, cash flow needs, and even your individual psychological make-up. We’ll take all these factors into account as we design and implement a marketing and management plan that fits your risk tolerance.

Risk Management
Once we’ve assessed your risk-bearing ability, we develop a risk management plan based on your goals and the specific production, management, and financial details that make your operation unique.

Putting that plan into action involves much more than simply marketing crops and livestock—although we’ve done that with great success for decades. We draw on the expertise of our staff, as well as the experience of our affiliated consultant groups, to provide a variety of risk management services, including a full range of contracting options, crop insurance, and financial planning.