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Hurley and Associates announces the Hiring of Carl Johnson
February 13, 2017

Charleston, MO (February 10, 2017)  Hurley & Associates announces the hiring of Carl Johnson as Risk Management Consultant in their Brookings, SD office.  As a consultant with Hurley & Associates, Carl is a licensed commodities broker and works closely
with farm clients’ budgets, cash flow requirements and risk management strategies to reach a profitable conclusion to each crop year.

“Carl is an excellent addition to our team and we look forward to the added bench strength that will allow us to serve more farmers in the Brookings area." said Trent Hurley, CEO of Hurley & Associates. “Carl comes to Hurley with an enthusiasm for creating an environment where family farms are able to thrive for generations to come.  He also brings practical knowledge of farming to the table through direct involvement in a farming operation with his uncle.  They raise corn and soybeans and finish cattle.”

Carl grew up and currently resides near Lyons, SD.  Hard work and responsibility are part of his core values and his foundation in the Ag industry.  Carl graduated from SDSU with a degree in Agriculture Systems Technology and has worked previously in the precision Ag world, specifically selling and testing product control systems.  Carl spends most of his free time working on the farm and also enjoys fishing and hunting every chance he gets.

Carl’s passion for tailoring solutions to each farm operation will be the driving force behind his work as a consultant with Hurley & Associates.

About Hurley and Associates

Founded in 1988, Hurley and Associates is an agricultural risk management company. The company’s mission is “To help our clients achieve economic stability while maintaining the dignity and value of the farm family.” Hurley & Associates currently employs 62 people and additionally has 9 affiliate staff people working together to service farm clients throughout the United States.

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