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As a large commercial grain producer I found a need to delegate. I chose Hurley & Associates based upon reputation and depth of their team. I have worked with Hurley’s for a number of years now and feel very confident that I can focus on other aspects of my operation while they take care of my marketing. They provide that objective 3rd party perspective that I want when making decisions. As a manager I want consultants who can provide me with solutions but still give me a say in the process, they have not only done that but have also learned what I am comfortable with and what I am not. For me having a marketing team on my staff is just as important as anything else in my operation.

- E.M. Charleston, MO

Hurley & Associates has benefited my operation during these volatile times. There are few marketing advisors that provide the level of service that Hurley offers. Hurley’s consultants truly want to see you excel and see your operation move forward.

- D.L. western Minnesota

We have been with Hurley & Assoc. for over 10 years. At first we were reluctant to give the control of selling of our crop of soybeans & corn to somebody else. With the time and experience we`ve had with Hurley`s we are very pleased with their abilities & experience in the marketing of our crops.


L.A.  eastern South Dakota


I use Hurley & Associates simply because of the marketing service that they provide for my operation. Hurley & Associates helps to provide me with a plan that is unique to my finances and they will adjust that plan when needed. I would recommend Hurley & Associates highly to any operation, they bring value to mine.

- D.M. west central MN

Since I have been with Hurley and Associates I have been more relaxed in marketing grain with their help. For over nine years Hurley has assisted me with a marketing plan that nicely fits my operation. I don't have the time or expertise to closely watch the markets. With my consultant I can sit down and discuss with confidence a marketing plan that works for me. Because the markets are so volatile, it has removed the emotional environment for me when it comes to deciding when to sell.

As producers we know how to raise a crop, but when it comes to marketing we find it can be a frustrating and intimidating aspect of our operation. With Hurley I don't always sell at the market high or the market low rather I sell at a profitable level for my operation. I highly recommend that you take a serious look at what Hurley has to offer, and you make the decision what they can do for you.

L.E. northern SD

I have high regards for Hurley & Associates for their professionalism, honesty, and respect that as a customer we receive. Our experience has been profitable as well as helping me be successful.

- T.B. southwest MN

"Hurley & Associates' foundation is based on biblical principles and you can see this in the way they approach business and their clients. I like knowing that they have the same moral beliefs as my family and I do. It sets a good foundation for a trusting relationship. I know they are thinking of my needs when they make decisions for my operation. They don't miss "good" sales by going for "great" sales. They make sales that are profitable for me in light of my input costs for that year. Things change and they are constantly in communication with their clients to make sure these changes are accounted for. They take the emotion away from me and make it purely a business decision. I view my marketer as one of my "inner circle" of core advisors and Hurley is definitly a part of that circle."

W.V.D. central Iowa