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Hurley & Associates is an agri-marketing company that prioritizes service, perseverance, responsibility, partnership, and family values.  We are dedicated to assisting our clients in agriculture achieve economic stability while upholding the dignity and value of the family farm. With operations spanning across seven states, our human resources team is responsible for servicing our 7 offices and 2 remote locations. Join our team this summer and be part of impactful projects! We're seeking a dedicated full-time student eager to contribute their skills and enthusiasm to our dynamic team.

 In this role, you will…
  • Develop an Employee Handbook that reflects our company culture and complies with federal and state regulatory requirements, encompassing the states of Arkansas, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and South Dakota.
  • Be responsible for completing one of the following two projects:
    •  Revamp new job description and job ad templates for 5 positions.
    •  Assist the team in the annual medical benefit enrollment process.
  • Perform general office tasks as needed.
We are seeking an intern who… 
  • Is currently pursuing a degree in Human Resources.
  • Possesses knowledge of employment labor law.
  • Demonstrates drive, self-motivation, organization, and punctuality.
  • Is proficient in research, effective communication, and demonstrates a professional work ethic.
  • Is highly proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Is capable of effectively collaborating with a remote team of peers.
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