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Jeremy Knutson is a marketing consultant with Hurley & Associates, a commodity risk management firm.  He has been involved with the commodities markets since 1995 and has been a licensed commodity broker since 2000.  Getting his start at a local coop elevator loading trains, warehousing grains, bookkeeping and interim managing, he has seen many different aspects of the business.  In 2000, Hurley & Associates presented the opportunity to become a market consultant and licensed commodity broker to assist grain/livestock producers in hedging their products.  Although Hurley works with other commodity sectors, Jeremy has focused on the lean hog sector of the industry.

Jeremy uses technical analysis as one of his main tools to objectively view the market.  He looks to charts to remove emotion from decision making, as well as give an opinion of most any market.  Jeremy’s main focus is price risk management of lean hogs as well as the feed needs associated with the business.  Most of his day is spent in front of his charts studying ways to manage risk in the most effective manner.

As mentioned before, technical analysis is a large portion of Jeremy’s focus and he uses it to stay objective and un-emotional about market direction.  One of the most important things Jeremy has learned over his years in the commodity markets is what you think the market will do and what it actually does is two different things so position yourself accordingly.  On a daily basis Jeremy strives to put out quality commentary to update readers on what his technical objectives/thoughts are in the market.

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