Jeremy Knutson

Jeremy has been involved in the Ag sector since 1995 when he got his start at his local co-op elevator loading trains, warehousing grains, bookkeeping and doing interim management. He has seen many different aspects of Ag business. Hurley & Associates presented the opportunity for Jeremy to become a farm-marketing consultant in February 2001 and a new journey began. He has had the pleasure of meeting some terrific people over the years and has had the opportunity to work with individuals who make a positive impact in society.

In his free time, he and his wife Tara, enjoy attending the activities of their four children. Jeremy also volunteers as a coach for youth baseball, football and basketball.

At any age, we are all capable of more than we think. At various times in life, we unknowingly perceive our abilities to be less than they really are. Sometimes an unprovoked dose of positivity from others can lead us to realize our own potential. Encourage someone; empower them to believe in themselves and make a difference. I challenge you to collect some smiles today; it is fun and free.
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