Travis McCann


Travis was raised on a farm right outside of Hurley & Associates’ corporate office location in Charleston, Missouri. He comes from a farming heritage rich in family and friendship traditions. Travis is primarily familiar with growing row crops but has also worked with a small cow / calf herd.

Travis graduated from Central Methodist University with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Education. Travis returned to join his father with full-time farm work before joining the Hurley & Associates’ farm marketing team. He has a life-long passion for farming, the land and the farming lifestyle. He also possesses a strong desire to help and educate others — which falls right in line with the attitude at Hurley & Associates. Travis loves the family atmosphere and close-knit community Hurley provides to its employees and customers through honest and lasting relationships as well as the individual approach to risk management that every operation deserves.

Travis, his wife, Taylor and daughter Lettie live in Fayette, Missouri and he serves clients in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. Travis spends his spare time in the outdoors, hunting, fishing.

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