Julie Loebs


Julie grew up “out east” in Pennsylvania. She has grandparents from North Dakota and found out early on that she liked the prairie better than the mountains. Julie figures that God brought her to South Dakota to meet her husband. She has lived in the Britton area since 1993. Julie has a passion for rural living and enjoys the strong farming community that she lives in.

Julie became associated with Hurley & Associates early in 2004 when she started working as an Assistant in the Britton office. In 2006, she moved into a consultant role, working directly with farmers to manage their market risk.

After a brief absence, when Julie tried her hand in a bookkeeping role, she has happily returned to her position as a full-time Farm Marketing Consultant. Julie has a deep appreciation for the farmer and their chosen lifestyle and enjoys working with them one on one to help navigate the sea of marketing.

Julie and her husband, Blair, have 3 children and 1 grandson at this time, and they are anxiously awaiting the arrival of more grandchildren.

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