Kali Flower

Kali grew up in a small farming community in Northern Minnesota, where she developed a passion for the agriculture industry, which she continues to promote and support today. After graduating from South Dakota State University with a degree in Agronomy, she worked for Cargill where she expanded her knowledge as an agronomist.

Kali began her career at Hurley and Associates in 2017 as a marketing associate where she held that role for 6 years. Throughout that time, she saw the positive impact that the Hurley program had and continues to have on agriculture producers. Currently residing on a family farm, she saw an opportunity to step into a consultant role and help other farm families reduce market stress and stay financially viable through sound risk management practices. This vision gives the next generation the opportunity to come back to the farm and do the same.

Kali and her husband Seth, have one daughter and live on his family’s farm. Together they own and operate a registered Simmental seedstock herd, Cottonwood Cattle. Between the cattle and the crops, farm life keeps the Flower family very busy.
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