Dairy Consulting Overview

Global economies continue to increase domestic market volatility and have changed the way we do business in our local marketplaces. Today “doing nothing” is the most speculative strategy! Our team of consultants puts in the hard work to understand your operation and develop an individualized plan that works for you. Our familiarity with your business gives our team the insights and unique perspective to partner with your operation and develop an integrated plan that includes:

Financial Accountability:

  • Communication with other trusted advisors (CPA’s, lenders, nutritionists, etc.) to increase transparency and build a high performing team
  • Marketing decisions based on cash flow requirements for your operation
  • Individualized growth goals included in market plans
  • Proprietary software shows the impact of market moves on your financial position
  • Regular updates to communicate progress and adjust plans as necessary

Commodity Risk Management:

  • Development of a customized market plan for your operation
  • Education around all the tools available, and execution of the tools that are best suited for your business
  • A disciplined approach that gives you the confidence to move forward with logic-based decisions

Revenue Tracking:

  • Review historical milk checks to understand production and basis patterns
  • Update production and revenue information in real time to see how profitability is tracking to plan

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