Mission Statement

To help our clients realize economic stability while maintaining the dignity and value of the farm family.

Through collective efforts of our employees, associates, and agri-businesses we continually strive to accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing marketing risk management services.
  • Helping the client reduce market risk.
  • Developing a prudent marketing program tailored to the clients’ specific needs, to reach practical financial goals, and to become better stewards of their finances.
  • Staying informed by evaluating and keeping pace with the increasing flow of information and rapid changes in agri-business, in order to keep clients on the leading edge of agriculture.
  • The application of sound Christian principles to achieve positive results for the clients’ farm enterprise.
  • Allowing our employees and associates to use their God given creative abilities, thereby sharing the benefits of a positive relationship with the client.

We firmly believe the future of agriculture belongs to those people with vision, for they will define and shape the future for succeeding generations. Our desire is to join in the process by offering the highest level of professional assistance and personal service to ensure the vitality and integrity of the individual and of agriculture. Each of our offices work together within a specific framework to facilitate the desired results of our mission.

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