Scholarship Program

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Hurley & Associates is dedicated to our mission of supporting the economic stability of farm families. In accordance with that philosophy, we are excited to offer ten(10) $1,500 scholarships. The purpose of the scholarships is to give back to the families and communities we are built from by providing financial support to students attending select universities that have positively impacted our Hurley family.

The scholarship program is in conjunction with the following universities:

• South Dakota State University

• North Dakota State University

• Murray State University

There will be ten(10) $1,500 scholarships in total awarded. Three to students of each university, with an additional $1,500 scholarship flexible between universities dependent on applicants. Applicants must be a full-time student working toward a two-year or four-year undergraduate degree with at least 30 completed college credits and two semesters minimum on campus of one of the select universities. Preference to students studying agriculture, business, or related field with the desire to work in the agriculture sector. The recipient of each scholarship will also have a one-day commitment to shadow a farm marketing consultant for a day (in office or on-farm) and gain exposure to Hurley & Associates’ mission in action.

Applications due November 3rd, 2023!

View Scholarship information and Application here.

Below are the 2022 Hurley & Associates Scholarship recipients receiving $1,500 each:

South Dakota State University

Leah Barber, Junior
Agribusiness / Enterpreneurial Studies Major
Ryder Mortenson, Junior
Business Econmics Major
Emmett Bickett, Junior
Animal Science Major
Haley Van Nurden, Sophomore
Agribusiness Major
Jack Donnelly
Agribusiness Major

North Dakota State University

Jordan Senger, Senior
Veterinary Technology Major

Murray State University

Bradlee Croslin, Senior
Agribusiness Major
Lauren Rowlett, Senior
Ag Science & Techology Major
Austin Randolph, Sophomore
Agribusiness Econmics Major
Tinslee Williams, Junior
Agricultural Science / Agronomy Major
Jordan Reddick, Junior
Agribusiness Major

Current Intern Opportunities

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We offer a challenging internship program, a good work environment, and competitive compensation. We post the opportunities in August and recruit during the fall semester. To view more details or to apply to an internship, click on the name of the internship under the specific location listed below.

Who is Hurley & Associates?

We are an agri-marketing company that partners with farmers to help them market their crop. We tailor individualized strategic marketing plans for each farmer; taking into account what makes their operation unique including their attitudes, financial obligations, and their future plans. Together we develop that marketing plan, and the consultant executes the plan on behalf of the farmer. We work hard to develop strong relationships with our clients focusing on producer education and open lines of communication.

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