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Commodity Risk



Global economies continue to increase domestic market volatility and have changed the way we do business in our local marketplaces. Tighter cash flows in agriculture, coupled with erratic markets create a very potent mixture of risk and uncertainty. Today “doing nothing” is the most speculative strategy! Our team of consultants have personal backgrounds in production agriculture, grain merchandising, agriculture lending and agronomy. Our ability to draw on this firsthand experience of the risks involved in production agriculture gives our team the insights and unique perspective to partner with your operation and develop an integrated plan that includes:

Commodity Risk Management:

  • Development of a customized market plan for your operation
  • Utilization of futures and options to help manage market risk
  • A disciplined approach that gives you the confidence to move forward with logic-based decisions

Cash Marketing:

  • Hurley & Associates consultants understand your local markets
  • Manage local basis, carry and storage opportunities
  • Assist in managing your local cash contracts

Financial Accountability:

  • Marketing decisions based on cash flow requirements for your operation
  • Individualized growth goals included in market plans
  • Proprietary software shows the impact of market moves on your financial position

Commodities We Market

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